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That was scary stuff Bryan, I was way on the outside when I saw you do what you had to do. Release the kite. I was amazed to see it just go over the top of all the mangroves. Thankfully it didn't hit I-275.

One thing about these bow kites, I think I mentioned it two -three weeks back, THEY DO NOT SELF LAND OR STAY ON THE WATER @ 30++KNOTS. period. something has to be figured out to be able to 100% kill the power when the wind goes above the kites range. BTW, I also "self-landed in a mangrove via kiteloop" 3 weeks ago in 30++kts.

Sorry , no one helped you out getting your kite Bryan , but there was nobody really at the beach except for Lori, Alan and another dude. Me and Shane came in soon after but I think you had gotten your kite by then.
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