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Originally Posted by inferno View Post
one other idea, if your already planning on letting it go, dont bother trying to leash to the OSHandle, just grab it with one hand and release the kite with the other, once you flag it to a back line your fine..
sorry for the bad luck...
i had LP to myself from 5:15 to 8:30 nice flat water on the inside, perfect 3ft ramps on the outside with gusts to 40.... man did i get high this morning......
i'd rather not risk getting a finger tangled...

with the one line disconnected there was no controlling the kite. i know that the OS handles are supposed to be fingers friendly but I'd rather lose 10 kites than 1 part of my hand.

BTW... Toby.. if you are in the mangroves later tonight with one of your "friends" and you see the remaining parts of my bar/lines can you get them for me. Daryl from Extreme Kites mentioned that w/ a photo of the bar that came apart, BEST might be able to do something to cover the cost of replacement or help a bit.
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