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Default Mauritius Fatality

Two tourists were staying at hotel on the southern coast east of Le Morne, Mauritius. Mauritius is located to the east of Madagascar off the southeastern coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean.

One of the tourists who had recent purchased kite gear, the "student", but had no experience approached the other tourist for lessons. The second man agrees to give the "student" instruction but without any reported qualifications to teach.

The launch is located at the extreme SW corner of the island.

The "student" with the other man launch an unknown type and size of kite off the east side of the peninsula that contains Le Morne on the afternoon of May 12, 2005.

A satellite view of the area with the launch near the arrow.

Winds were quite strong estimated to range from 20 to 30 kts. side onshore and higher in rain squalls. The water is fairly shallow in this area with some coral heads. The "student" has a serious wipeout offshore and as he was using a board leash, he suffered a board impact to his head. The "student" returned to the beach in pain but fully conscious. He decided to sit down and watch the others kiteboard. The "student's" symptoms slowly worsen with time until he momentarily passed out about two hours later.

He regained consciousness a few seconds later but he shortly after fell into a coma. He was taken for medical care after that. He reportedly died a few days later from a skull fracture and brain hemorrhaging. It was stated that if he immediately sought medical treatment after the impact he might not have died. The unofficial instructor may have been taken into custody by the authorities per one report. Further information has not been available.

Note: A story was released in a local newspaper about the accident at:
Subsequent accounts from an party on the island that was involved after the accident provided a slightly different story which was presented in the newspaper article as related in the above account. Further information regarding this account and confirmation of events is requested.
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