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Originally Posted by ryansurf1
yeah was intense...sudden...

everbody had a rather dumb look on their face for the first they were laying on kites being sandblasted.... was similar in appearance to the first photo.....very dark...low...and the east face very bright from reflecting more light....

I remember clearly on radar...what i think was....the cloud/weather band.....60 miles long and 40 miles off shore...very thin....

Just a friendly reminding slap from Mother Nature.....hopefully i will make better judgement calls for a while.....
Hello Ryan,

Thanks for the confirmation. A few hours later I did notice two long, very thin and apparently violent squall lines blow through your area on the radar. Perhaps it was more of the same only earlier. This stuff on radar can appear to be VERY small but it can by several miles across at the beach with plenty of power to shred your session.

There was some similar weather from Dennis photographed in the Panhandle of Florida, like ...

Photos from:

Question, did other kiterboarders have some squall problems during Dennis or other tropical weather systems?

If so, what warned you of the pending change in conditions and what did you do?
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