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Skyway Scott
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I agree that's it's a great investment, especially for a school or shop. Been hoping for a webcam forever, I just don't have the techie skills to do it.
I personally trust pictures more than numbers off a sensor, plus it's obvious when a cam breaks, but a sensor might just "be off" and it's mounting location is prone to make it read high or low, whereas as long as there is no obstruction, the cam will show the riding spot's water texture. (no calibration or mounting issues if clear view of location, is my point).
Plus, you can watch your buds while stuck at work or vice versa.

I figure if it is capping I can ride. I may not know if it's 13 or 30, but I can rig accordingly when I get there. We have a couple sensors here notorious for reading high and causing goose chases.

We have a news sponsored beach cam that takes 1 pic every 3 minutes and it's actually reasonable. I use it alot.1 reasonable rez pic every few seconds would be awesome.

I am really interested in hearing about you guys doing this (and your success).
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