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Thumbs up weather rock is so old school.

will do asap.
gota have it.
As far as I know you can connect to weather channel or Ikitesurf noaa..ect
Has to be a good internet connection.(fast) to read all day other wise it will read every few hours.
And then put a link on your web site.
Safer to do it that way because if you connect it to you web site dircetly to the weather info and web cam your prone to hacking.
The web cam (unless )you have a fast broadband connection it will take 1 pic every few seconds it will look lame.
Mateo has a nice one(weather station) but is not internet ready he recons he got it for about $250 internet ready he recons about $350 $400 .
I think it is a worthy investment to save phone calls and wasted trips to the beach and promote your beach. to help pimp ya school.
The web cam will have to be in a weather proof box lexan glass or good plexy (easy to make)
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