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Originally Posted by BizGuru View Post

Years kiting:1 Year with a 3 month break during learning (WORK SUCKS)

Road Trip Anyone?

Experience: Not much, still learning and I can't go upwind yet, Hoping to get that fixed soon (I just switched from C kites, I have only been on the water with the BOW kites once)

I see wind outside, might hit commercial tonight.
Oh I so agree with your "Work sucks" comment, Defiantly gets in the way of my kiting.
But~ No workie No NEW kitie

Road Trip? Ken are you driving??

Up wind abilities will come and not long after that the curve starts to accelerate.

Originally Posted by BigR View Post
What can I say? Kiting around crandon , BB, matheson, rickenbacker, MB, islamorada, jupiter etc the last 10 years but mostly Tampa the last 6 yrs
with a one year stint in Mexico and Cali coast in between. I gotta say SFla has some of the best spots when it is on. When its not, hey go hand to hand for some hogfish or snapper!

Hey, waves rule and ft pierce rocks!
What can I say, But....... Damn BigR you've been there!!! Good for you, I bet you've seen some chit in those places & over the years.

Nice to hear that South FL ~IYO~ has some of the best spots when it's on. I know w/1350 miles of FL coast line we do have it good, But I personally can only speak for South FL & it Definatly makes me smile!

Ft Pierce does ROCK and so do the waves on the inside of the North Jetty!

Good Luck w/your East Coast Venture this week BigR!
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