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Originally Posted by jimb View Post
Kiting about a year, mostly in Pompano, prefer the waves
Started out on "C" kites switched to Waroos 7 months ago

Finally, after reading Rick's accident write up's, an impact vest and helmet are mandatory for me. Thanks Rick, keep up the good work, While I may not post often, I read yours religiously.
Waves are loads of fun IMO, Not the best for learing in. But you'll soon (if you like surf) be looking for them all the time.
I also switched to SLE's this past year and couldn't be happier, It's improved my confidence and riding 10 fold
RickI definatly puts a lot of time into helping us all out when it comes to safety #1 and event's through out our state!

Originally Posted by tommyboy View Post
New to FLA kiting. Rode most of the season at Delray Beach, but now ride on Palm Beach Island.

141 Hana Crew

I get to follow the wind!! Be back when the fall frontals start to kick!!
Welcome to FKA, Rick's got a get Forum here, With Loads of INFO
Palm Beach, A North county rider. Hope to see you on the water
HanaCrew boards where some of my Favorid boards of all time
See you again in the Fall ~

Originally Posted by JustinZ View Post
I live on Miami Beach right on the ocean on 50th street and I occassionally kiteboard right there in my backyard.

I usually can be found at Matheson or Crandon.

I do however see a lot of kiters passing my building while doing downwinders. I assume they come from 87th street and head down to South Beach or Virginia Key/Crandon. Maybe I'll go to 87th street one day and join in on one of these downwinders.
Ahh to be able to kite in my own backyard. Oh wait I do, since all of FL is my backyard. Seriously though Justin you are lucky and I'm sure your able to get in a few more sessions then most ~cheers~
I have got to get to Crandon Park some day soon
Downwinders are a blast, as well are Roundwinders ( I do these often )

Great to hear from everyone so far
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