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Originally Posted by HIGHFLYN View Post
Another Crandon rider & one that PT's at Miamikiteboarding, Perhaps you could tell me the best time to hook up w/ Christophe so I could take/complete my IKO III cert and ride Crandon w/you all

Mile Marker 64: Long Key? Wherever it is in the Keys, it's gotta be good

The Gorge: Heck of a place to have your first try @ Kiteboarding, I'll bet the scenery is incredible
Any time you want to get certified is a good time. I just work for him during the weekend to make some extra cash. I have a full time job at NBC.
Long Key is correct. Ive been going for about 20 years. Nice place, but the wind isnt always great.
And yes, the gorge was great. It was a bit intimitating but awesome nonetheless.
Feel free to reach out to me at Miami Kiteboarding if there is anything I can help you with.
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