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New to FLA kiting. Rode most of the season at Delray Beach, but now ride on Palm Beach Island.
First learned on a two line in Kite Beach Maui, back in 2002. Then Bought first 4 liner from Flash Austin at Kite Beach DR in 2003.
Mostly rode lakes in MI, Lake St. Clair, and Lake MI. I llove not having to rinse my gear off in the lakes! But I also love riding in the ocean.
I am on a 12m Flexi Atom
9m Best Yarga
141 Hana Crew
128 Stretch and Nobile Skim for Light wind

I came down here to finish my last year of school and it turns out I have to go back to michigan for the summer to take some more classes that arent offered here. I get to follow the wind!! Be back when the fall frontals start to kick!!
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