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Hi Troubleshooter,

You will see the full color version posted here and at the site after the holiday. It is exactly as you stated. There are only 2 sets of buoys. The point is that there is a launch and land zone that is 35 meters wide. We are requiring that rider’s feet be at least 25 meters from land when launching. If they launched at 25 meters this means that they would have to walk or body drag another 10 meters to leave the LZ. Then riders will exit quickly through the only buffer area which is approximately 40 meters wide. This is a no riding area which includes "no landing". This was a reasonable answer to having the white buoys half way across the bay which was totally unreasonable and unenforceable which resulted everyone disregarding what was intended to be a decent guideline. We’ll give this one a go and make revisions if necessary. I believe that the rules are pretty basic and well tailored to the venue. Let’s see how they work.
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