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Skyway Scott
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I think these might be some guesses, as no one has demoed the 13m 08 Waroo yet (have you guys?).
The 9m Waroo is awesome, imo.
That doesn't guarantee the larger sizes will be good though.
It seems to me most companies struggle to nail their larger kites.

At your size, Jayson, I wouldn't consider the 12m Era, I would be thinking 14m. Unless you already have a larger kite you like and are going to keep.
Chris Bigger rode his most of the day yesterday (with exception of testing his 10m Era out for a half hour). It was gusting easily to the low 20's. It was a piece of cake for him to ride the 14. 25 is pushing it as his/my size though.
Myself and Bob ride the 14 in the low 20's as well. We weigh about 50 or more pounds less than you.

I think our winds fall into 3 main types of days -
We either have winds like yesterday (15 -22) or have sub 15, or have 25 to 35+. My point is, a 14m will work for a larger guy (yeah, you might be approaching top end at 25) for 2 out of the 3 types of winds we get here.
Then, if it's 25 plus, you would probably ride a 10m (maybe smaller.... ? ).
The 12m might be a 'tweener kite that you don't ride much, or more of a luxury for nailing those days that do stay right at 20 all day (never seen one )

The 12m would leave you wishing you had a bigger kite a lot of the time, I think. Also, at 25 plus, it'd most likely be too much.
At my size, I have a 15m then drop all the way down to 9m.
The low ends on a lot of the newer kites are quite phenomenal.
My size doesn't hurt in being able to ride a 9m in 16 knots on my small board, either.
That's free advice, so take it as that. I could be totally off. I have just been watching Russky on his 15m Sonic ALL the friggin' time and it's left an impression on me.
The Era is cool looking. Especially BLACK...
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