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Default back from the Keys

Harry Andrews. AKA Harry Balls and I were down on the flats in Key West for the past week.....Harry brought his flats boat and we were on the water by 9:30 every day and left at dark thirty every night....sound asleep by 9 due to hard riding in 20 MPH plus every day for 6 days straight. Aaron from Delray joined us for the weekend........Paul Menta's spot is unreal.....if you get the chance, go out with them to this spot...unlike anything you have seen or ridden. Nick and Oliver were throwing huge backroll kiteloops and Harry, now know as Harry balls due to his new moves....( kiteloops with backroll, backroll transitions with kiteloop.....Harry is finishing most of his moves with a kiteloop now...).....
I hae never seen wind like this in my life....Paul was testing his new speed board...hitting 46 MPH on his GPS...he went supersonic out on the on our site soon.....
I stopped by 7 sports in Islamorada and they had lessons lined up out the kazoo as well.
Cabrinha kites as well as LF and Best kites were the only ones on the water in the Keys...I rode the new Omega kites from Cabrinha.....very light bar pressure and a nice ride for sure.
We did not see one C kite anywhere.
Lots of wind at home here as well......cold front hit today and five riders out at the bridge until after dark..........PCB riders are a hungry crew.
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