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Here is a newly restored blast from a dozen years in the past to La Parguera, Puerto Rico and the Kite House operation there. Paul invited me down for a few days to look around and do an article on things. I originally posted this on Kiteforum in 2003. Unfortunately, like many of my original posts the image links are now dead and the files nowhere to be found. I understand Toby had to slash and burn quite a lot of content in response to hack attacks, worms, etc.. Anyway, I had a .doc copy of the article from which I was able to recover the images from. Some of the photos are smaller unfortunately but at least they still show up. That and a single waybackmachine snapshot which had a few of the photos. I never throw anything out in the way of images so it is quite likely I have the original photos, perhaps even the processed ones in an archive at home. Anyway, check out some fun times in PR.

Paul had introduced me to the at the time, brand new Cabrinha RECON kite system. I wrote an overview on that as well. Those photo links are still dead but I will look around for the original images to restore that one too.
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transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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