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The latest update of the Powerpoint presentation for life saving professionals can be found at:

less the embedded videos which can be found below:

The video clips have been removed from the Powerpoint presentation to aid in downloading but can be accessed below.

An able bodied kiter with knowledge of the procedures will configure his gear to self-rescue, using his kite as a sail to pull him into shore or to pack down the kite (or not, leaving the kite inflated), to facilitate swimming the lot in. This may be a slow process particularly for a lifeguard on the beach trying to figure things out with binoculars. The following video shows some self-rescue techniques close up to aid in the familiarization with what is involved and to help interpretation of actions observed offshore from the beach.

It is a good idea to have hook knives on rescue craft and in stands near kiteboarding launch/landing areas in case it proves necessary to cut the lines to a kite in an emergency. The following hook knife was developed for paragliding but works well with kite lines. This is just one source of hook knives there are many out there.
FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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