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"I think some has been telling fish tales with the barracuda attack story. I dont know who this Paul Menta is but this story has obviously been taken from an event that happened to me and some of my co-workers.

I would have to be the Jack in the story. I am the only Jack that worked for the Fisher group during that time, I lived and kept my car on Stock Island, we dock our boats on Stock Island. "

I am Paul Menta and jack, big blonde haired guy, looked like tarzan , like on his houseboat next to the mel boat there on stock island. He then girlfriend Mia, who i saw yesterday was living there with him. I have lived in key west for 16 years and so has my best friend jesse who boat we were on, i have the scars to prove it. Any way jack moved to cali and became a ablone diver as well as a p/t if you know him, i do not like listing peoples last names. We spent alot of time spear fishing while he was here in key west, he was a nut.

Anyway, i am still in key west and still spearing all the time, so if you are curious of who i am and live here, i am easy to find at the grand cafe on duval or kiteboarding at smathers....hope that clears some stuff up for ya.
Aloha Paul Menta
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