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Default Barracuda Attack

I think some has been telling fish tales with the barracuda attack story. I dont know who this Paul Menta is but this story has obviously been taken from an event that happened to me and some of my co-workers.

I would have to be the Jack in the story. I am the only Jack that worked for the Fisher group during that time, I lived and kept my car on Stock Island, we dock our boats on Stock Island. We did have a crew member become a victim of a barracuda attack while spearfishing at our work sites, during the same time this attack would have taken place. I did call over the radio to our survey boat who was out at our work site to evac the crewmen so he could get proper stitches, so maybe thats where this person stole the story. Interestingly enough, we had a Paul, Jessie, and a Chris working around that time but not together at once.

So if someone is going to use me by name then they better get their facts straight.

It was the guys fault for getting bit in the first place. From what the other crew in the water tell me he was antagonizing the cuda, poking it with the spear pole. If memory serves he got fired very shortly after that.

Not a big deal I just dont know why someone would usurp that story in this way.
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