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Paul related a more recent spearfishing encounter with predators, this time sharks. I had no idea tiburons were this thick in Key West. Then again, I quit spearfishing decades ago, takes me off the menu somewhat. Anyway over to Paul ...

Late in April 2007, Paul and Jessie were free diving a few miles off Key West to the west of the Sambos in about 50 ft. of water. They had just splashed in, groupers were roaming around with just one Blacktip on the prowl. Jessie dove to nail one, got a good sized 35 pounder but it was still fighting pretty hard. Hard enough to saturate the surrounding water with an unavoidable dinner bell or was it a fight starting bell to sharks in the area. Soon enough, there were five blacktips circling closely followed by a good sized bull shark.

A blacktip underway. Love this shot, that's an antique hand crank 16 mm Bolex "Wrecking Ball" camera housing. Very reliable system although a bit primative these days. (From:

Jessie was dragging the fish over to the boat and started to try to climb in. Paul was watching the sharks and riding herd on Jessie's retreat as best he could. He had taking the slip tip off of his spear shaft for a defensive gill shot for an overly interested shark. He tells me this works but really sets the rest of the sharks into a tizzy or is that a frenzy? Paul indicated that some fish kills attract sharks more than others. More oily fish like jack and mackerel can really bring them in hot and fast. Strangely enough he tells me a shot barracuda can send bull sharks off to distraction and is a major disincentive to shooting them in particularly in bluewater. Strange dietary preferences of sharks!

A bull shark. Ever hear of the "heatbreak of remoras?" The hell with the bull, those damn remoras give me the willeys when they crawl all over you. (From:

Paul then sees the Bull hit the lightspeed switch and come barreling through, striking Jessie's grouper. No worries, they still had the fish, uh well half of it anyway. Whoops! Paul was interested in getting the hell out of Dodge himself, trouble was the sharks were between him and the boat. A few more tense moments and a hole opened up, Paul slipped through and onboard. They decided to try another spot, wonder why? They saw another shark there as well. Didn't know KW as this "sharky." Live and learn, if you are lucky.

Breaking bread, uh fish with sharks. Here's your half guys!
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Rick Iossi

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