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Default Posts, Deletions, etc..

We're a community and we have discussions, no surprise there. Unlike face to face discussions you can say thing here and then take them back, sort of. To preserve the community you want to use this "take back" feature sparingly as harm might still be done regardless.

To "take back" something you've written, it is easily done (excepting those that have already read it), you can either:

a. Edit it and replace it with something benign like "edited;"
b. Delete it.

No one viewing the post after that will read anything other than what you left if you do "a".

btw, I can see what you deleted IF I take the trouble to hit a button on the screen. Moderators belonging to the forum you posted in can also see it if they take the trouble. As a rule, I have no time to bother assuming I see the deletion in the first place which I often don't. Moderators have an obligation to respect privacy under normal circumstances and I trust the three of us will do so.

Last point, if in doubt, don't hit enter to make your post for a while. Restraint and balance in all things, right? Sounds awkward, it's not, been doing it for years since the days of email lists. There, there is NO taking anything back. Can still remember some embarrassing moments, e.g. intending to email one person but sending it to 3000 plus instead.

Happy posting!
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