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West winds are in the forecast. Westerly wind in South Florida often brings guys to the southwest coast. Please work to
keep us flying there as the FWC, City, County, Birders, some misc. non-kiting businesses have been bringing pressure to
bear on our access, WITH our help. It would be a crime for any kiter riding in the out of bounds area to cost our access
to this unique spot. Guys have been photographed in secret in the past and more than once. Things are to that point
here, so please keep it sane and open here.

If you want to ride here you need to WALK 3 1/2 to 4+ MILES R/T, look at the photo. If you aren't up to it, don't trash the
kiting community's access go some place else or take a boat in. I'm almost 60, did an even longer walk in than that, in
total darkness well before dawn for the first time solo in freezing conditions. Don't wimp out in short. Focus on having fun,
not on destroying our ability to ride a remarkable spot.

FKA, Inc.

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Rick Iossi
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