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Despite all the efforts to get the word out, it sounds like a bunch of people were riding in the red out of bounds area over the weekend.

This has to stop or we will simply be kicked out of this location. If you have ever been there you know how unique and special a place it is. It is worth working hard to preserve access here, so please help.

It is a LONG walk north to the riding area, about 3 miles roundtrip. If you aren't up to that then please kite somewhere more convenient for yourself where you want trash our access. I understand there is now a large sign just north of the entrance area on to the sand bar (Sand Dollar Island) summarizing the rules.

Please study this photo, we need to stay at least 100 yards north of the red area AND signs, ropes (which may be moved as the season progresses).

Talk about this with your friends. It would be a crime to lose access to this spot through indifference. Also, you don't want to be with the guys responsible for shutting down a kiting area. Please help and thanks.

FKA, Inc.

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Rick Iossi
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