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West winds are starting again and threats to our access to kiting this unique place may well start again. It is up to us whether we keep access by our behavior. Lots of us travel to kite, east coast, west coast, Keys, we need to show respect and use common sense to preserve our ability to kite wherever we may be.

If guys keep breaking rules here we may lose access, so heads up. There are volunteers in the trees photographing people who violate the rules and turn them into authorities. It has happened before.

* Stay out of the out of bounds lagoon and at least 100 yards from marked off areas and large concentrations of birds.

* Avoid flushing concentrations birds, wherever you may be, in Florida.

* Don't bring dogs on to Sand Dollar Island (the sand bar). It is against the law anyway and puts needless pressure on our ability to kite here.

It is easy to do all of this but it is a good walk, worth it in my opinion however. There are strong bird supporters at the State, County and City levels here so don't give them reason to remove our access. Please work to preserve our access to this unique spot.

The northern ending point of that red area will vary year to year based on where the birds roost and winter. You should see signs and roped off areas on Sand Dollar Island. Stay at least 100 yards north of those out of bounds areas.

Thank you!

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