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Hey guys, I'm completely new to kite sports, but I was wondering if anybody had any advice they could give me. I've read up a little and from what I've gathered I need a training kite before I get on the water. I visited just one site and they had a few kites. One is a Ballistic 2.2 and the larger Ballistic 3.6 was suggested for those looking to get on the water with it. Any and all advice ya'll are willing to give is welcomed.

BTW, i'm from shalimar/fort walton beach. I've seen two guys kiteboarding between destin and the island since a few months ago. Ever since then, i wanted to give a shot at the sport. I also gather from reading else where on this forum that there are kite laws for some areas. I suppose i should know about those before i get out there. Anyways, i'm REALLY looking forward to getting started.

Thanks Guys.
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