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It's not just the style of the kite, but the size of the kite and how fast it turns. You want a FAST kite for kiteloops so you can complete the loop and get it back above your head asap, and thats why most people ride a size smaller when they are going to be throwing a lot of loops. Also, short lines(15M-20M) will make kiteloops insane as you get whipped up into the sky way above the kite.

it's easier not to get killed doing them when you are on a bow kite, but either kite will hand your ass to you if you do them in 25+ guaranteed.

My first kite loop was on a 13M C kite in 25. I just thought oh hell yeah I'll just try a kite loop... I'll just pull hard like this... jump like this... and...and.. OMG I AM DOING TO DIE OH NO OH NO OH NO HERE IT COMES OOOOOOF!

I was sure I had just broken my spine in half because I couldn't breathe for what seemed like an eternity at the time... but I just knocked the wind out of myself and bruised some ribs lol. The board came off my feet and shot over my head when I hit the water. A helmet is a good idea the first few times.

So I didn't learn how to do a kiteloop that day but I sure as hell learned how NOT to do one. I am positive anyone who saw it was impressed.. (kidding).

Good luck Keep the board under your feet, and point it directly down wind (at the kite). Keep your shoulders and head up, don't let it pull you head first.
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