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Yes, Billy is their main USA rider. They have 2 divisions.. they are largely a UK company but anytime they need a presence in the USA they send Billy.

The royal really looks like it might be a great kite for this area.

Anything with a great low end range is worth its weight in gold for the Tampa / St. Pete beaches.

And the prices look nice too.

A used 2006 or 2007 Waroo (12 to 14 meters in size) is a very good first kite and you can get them CHEAP! local rider Inferno has one for 450$.. sick sick sick deal!!

I fly all Waroos and they have done nothing but great things for me. Stable and predictable.. easy to depower and jump and float really well...

Keep it in is prefered wind range.. bow kites can get very funky when you push the upper limits..

If you are looking to go C kite from the start (where most all of us started).. I can tell you that you will be in for a bit more frustration in the beginning.. C kites are not as forgiving for the unexperienced as well often dont do too good when the wind luffs.. I dont miss the days of unexpected hindenburg one little bit.. also relaunch is a bit more difficult.. expect more walks up the beach if nothing else..

tho... i am glad i started on C kites.. kinda like learning on a stick shift before going to automatic. you probably will develop some better habits from a C kite as opposed to the forgiving nature of a bow/hybrid. I've seen newbies do things on a bow kite that would have put them in the hospital (or worse) on a C kite.

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