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Dear Kite gods and gurus,

Please allow me, a lowly non-kiter and hot girlfriend of Matteo space to write a little message. I heard about you guys trying to start an association and come up with an effective logo. Here are my ideas:

1. I think the phrase "High as a kite" is pretty good. It will definitely stick in people's heads and you might also attract some small time drug dealers to the sport who might be willing to pump some money into the association.

2. I mentioned to Matteo that you guys also need a logo. My idea was a sillouhette of a kiter in flight against the backdrop of a sunset with the phrase and Bahamas Kiteboarding Association at the back of e.g.a shirt/hoodie,etc.

If the association ever needs a secretary, let me know. I will be happy to help.


Golf anyone ??
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