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Default Wind No wind

While Charley smashes it way through Southern FLorida's gulf coast and on through Daytona, Panama City Beach had sunny, clear skys and some cooler temperatures. Northeast winds around 10-12 knots....we took the wave runner over to Shell Island and watched the wind fizzle as it heated up on Friday. Saturday had the same offshore winds...Carl Gray Park is the regular launch for Northerly winds, so we launched there...same old fizzle as the temperature heated up. I rode the 19.5 CONTRA on Friday and the Naish V4 on Saturday. The CONTRA has a light feeling and turns on a dime and seems to have a big wind range. The V4 has lower end grunt and pull but turns slower and has a smaller range. I weigh 205 so to be moving upwind in 10-12 is a good feeling. The V4 in ultra light wind is still my kite of choice. Once it picks up over 12 the CONTRA takes over.
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