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I'm sure most of us have gotten into some kind of trouble at the Skyway and a few of us have been lucky enough to have riders around who are willing to assist.

I saw Dennis having trouble retrieving Chris' board so I rode over to grab it and help land his kite. I didn't want to see 2 people in the water especially after seeing a 7+' shark twice. The water gets deep in that spot and with the close proximity of the rocks, road, fence and interstate there is little room to land a kite and much less for error.

It has been suggested by several people that interested riders practice assisted rescue, kite and board retrieval in order to be more prepared and capable of helping out a fellow kiter.

What do ya'll think ?

Lets keep it safe out there.


Toby you did great, you were holding your ground and I heard people swear you were going upwind on one tack.
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