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The agreement between the race committee and the company was that the kite would go to the winner of the juniors division. That was to be a 16 and under division.

Seeing as the youngest rider was Ross who is 17 and he was the only rider who was even close to that age group, I am not sure why they WOULD give it away. The company is also morally against pulling kids out of schoool just so they can compete to win their kite. I can't say that I disagree with that line of thinking.

A weekend 16 and under juniors race is currently being planned by the company in question in order for the kite to be given away as promised in a way that encourages kids that skipping school isn't cool and doesn't pay. There is no need for the prize anyway now that freak dog has donated the board, Ross has 2 very nice prizes in the board and the Infinispin.

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