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Hey Gonzo,

I have been hittin' the sandbars with a Kayak for sometime. There are a ton that can be accessed by kayak. There are even a handfull that you can get to without a kayak but that involves a short swim and a drift launch. The Whale sandbars are great and you can easily launch your Yak for free and anchor up on one of the many flats w/o going to shore. Just dont anchor in the grass flats or boat channels. Those flats go on for a long way but its abear to walk back upwind in them.

Its so much fun b/c you get away from the crowds and its very peacefull. Go in informed and understand what your doing before you go out. From your previous post you are still pretty new to the sport and probably dont have much time in riding since that post. Stick with help and the mainstream until you are proficient. When you get there, PM me and we can hook up. Sandbars can go for miles or only a hundred feet and your in boat channel. There are a few pointers you need to get going on what to bring and how to rig.

Good luck
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