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what happened to all my hardcore kiters?????
by 8am it was sunny and solid 30-35
unfortunately i dont have a kite that can handle that...atleast not an inflatable one....
so i decided to launch my 3.5 trainer, for those who havent found out, a trainer in 35 knots winds is scary, i accidently launched it directly downwind of me and was suprised when i kept it under control after being launched about 20+ ft down wind in the air :shock:
it then took me atleast five minutes to slide on my butt to the water with my board since the kite doesnt depower, once there it rocked, i was actually getting air off the waves on my trainer :shock: atleast untill the board came off my feet on a jump, suprisingly i was able to keep the kite in the air, but that didnt end up mattering much since i realized if i wanted my board back i had to ditch the kite, so if anyone finds a rainbow colored 3.5m skytiger at desoto, its mine
excluding losing my kite, this morning rocked i havent had that much of an adreniline rush in a long time, i only wish someone was there with me, they couldve caught my kite :lol:
handle passes are easy...
at least i think they were.. been so long i cant remember
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