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Originally Posted by conchxpress View Post

I've studied what the different computer models refer to from the NHC link. Are there any statistics available as to which model has the best "batting average"? I know that the NHC derives a composite from all the submitted models and that's the main track that we see on the news. But it would be nice to know which color on the spaghetti models page guesses right more than the others. Maybe there are some good private handicappers that don't have the constraints of alarming the public too soon.

This is what they concluded in annual NHC (Model) Verification Reports:

Among the consensus models, CGUN (the corrected version of GUNA)
performed the best overall. The GFSI and UKMI/EGRI provided the best
dynamical track guidance, while the GFDI and NGPI performed relatively poorly.
The performance of EMXI in 2007 was mediocre.

Among the operational consensus models, GUNA performed the best
overall. The GFDI, GFSI, and NGPI provided the best dynamical track guidance
at various times, while the performance of the UKMI trailed considerably. No
early dynamical model had skill at 5 days.

OFCL track forecasts were better than all the dynamical guidance models, and even beat the consensus models at some time periods.

There is a lot of information and qualifying conditions presented in the annual reports. You should checkout the complete summaries for the Atlantic Basin at:
FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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