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I downloaded the image via air card and it's up. Strange ...

Kent, that happened after I tooled north after the party. Too bad there wasn't a photographer around, then again, maybe not!

Here are some shots of our man from across the years ...

Islamorada Invitational, 2003

Ft. Lauderdale Party, 2004

Same party, uh different position!

Fundraiser for Claudio, 2005

The Bathtub in some nuking conditions, Oct. 2001

Neil and his ride, Matanzas 2002

On the way to Cuba, December 2001
Photo by Red Bull

Towing to Oblivion and not having fun. Images captured from video, 2002

Wind waiting at the 2003 Air Sea Show along with 5 Million other people.

The kickoff Party for the kitesurfing race from Ft. Lauderdale to Bimini in the Bahamas 2005

Checking the hotdog layout for the first boarderdcross race in Florida, Tampa Bay Kitemasters 2006

The awards ceremony of Neil's first ever 60 mile race down the SE coast of Florida, December 2006

Another party at Adventures Sport and just this month

Sorry, I ran out of time. There are SO many events going back years. One of these days I'll have to really dig into things and put together an nice compilation.

Have fun!
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