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Default Garmin

The Forerunner 205 GPS is Garmin International's 2006 update to the Forerunner 201. Garmin has added a high-sensitivity GPS receiver and new courses feature, improving upon the success of the Forerunner 201. It tracks your every move with a super-sensitive GPS that even works on tree-covered trails and near tall buildings. The Forerunner 205 GPS continuously monitors your speed, distance, pace, and calories burned so you can train smarter and more effectively. The Garmin Forerunner 205 is your trainer, your information source, and your analystó it tracks your progress, goals, objectives, mapping, and routes.

Bottom Line: The Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS features everything you need to track, organize, and optimize your way-finding, orienteering and trekking.

Garmin Foretrex 201 Personal Hanheld GPS

The Foretrex 201 is a wearable Personal Navigator. for the outdoor enthusiast. Built rugged for adventure, this wrist-top device is perfect for hikers, campers, climbers, and mariners who want a useful GPS in a lightweight, waterproof, and affordable package. The Foretrex 201 combines the form factor of our new personal training system, the Forerunner. 201, with the GPS navigation features of our popular Geko 201. The Foretrex 201 offers hands-free GPS navigation information, allowing you to concentrate on your outdoor activities. The Foretrex 201 features six dedicated buttons (GoTo, Page, Enter/Mark, Up, Down and Power), making it one of the easiest GPS units on the market to operate. It offers the most essential navigation data, enhanced GPS accuracy, and extensive storage for waypoints, reversible routes, and track information. It includes Garmin's exclusive TracBack technology which allows you to mark your campsite, go trekking all day, and then follow the electronic "breadcrumb trail" back to camp in time for dinner. You don't even need to worry about packing extra batteries, because the Foretrex 201 runs on an internal lithium battery for 15 hours.
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