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Default Couple items about the race...

First and foremost.. what great day yesterday at Bongos!!!

Everyone involved in making that happen.. Thank you!
Getting to demo gear made my day.

.. on to the race.. 2 things ...

I spoke briefly with Jay about this.. He wants to ensure that EVERY single rider that starts this race is accounted for..

We need to get a volunteer that is not riding that day to offer up their cell phone number as the offical "Calling to say I am OK" line.

There may be a number of people that are not able to finish. We will need each and every rider to call the phone number ASAP and give their name, race position number and say if they are OK or if they might need assistance in getting to Bongos (or home) safely.

I am not implying that someone might cheat... BUT.. i think someone should do an offical check in at the start. Just to keep it 100% fair for everyone..
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