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Default Hey Jaco

Actually Jaco there are places to ride on Anna Maria no matter what the wind does. There are lots of sand bars that are exposed allowing you to ride no matter what the wind direction and the nothern and sounthern tips are great with very little wind because of the very strong currents. We've been able to ride about everyday (been stormy) and had times we were able to loft in 9 or so mph of wind because of the strong currents in spots. There are about 3 of us that have been riding out pretty much religiously there for over many years so whenever you visit let us know and we'll hook you up. Two of us take jetskis out and are able to get to places that were otherwise unaccesible. You'll have fun and if you go to Desoto or some of the other places you'll meet a great group of people. It does spoil you on the island since you have any spot to yourself most of the time. Have fun.
Good winds to all
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