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I have not read the whole thread so someone may have come up with this idea already.

Have we reviewed the possibility of requiring or at least promoting the use of helmets at our launch sites for newer riders? At least until the rider can demonstrate that they are of intermediate level or above? I know we can't "enforce" this persay anywhere but in DeSoto with the Rangers backing, but we could post it on the signs which would encourage the use of a helmet.

I wore mine religiously for a very long time, then admittedly have slacked off quite a bit last season...because lets face it, not many like wearing a helmet. But maybe encouraging it until riders are at that intermediate level wouldn't be a bad idea... I think we have had several head lacerations in the last few years as a result of accidents as well including this most recent injury at the Skyway...just a thought, throwing it out there and know it will get plenty of backlash but in my opinion it isn't that big a deal to wear a helmet until you are an intermediate level rider...

Steve-O, this also may be a topic for conversation at the shop, letting the newer kiters know that a helmet would be expected of newbies coming in so they know what to expect? Just an idea, not trying to throw rules at WSW...

Okay, now you can all crucify my post!!!
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