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And about the people whom jump too close to shore, there are quite a few that do that. They are usually the riders whom have been riding for a while.

I almost had Danny slam into me and Randy's girlfriend on the beach one time a few months back. Jumping right next to shore, not to mention jumping in others ways consistently. He's not the only one, I know there are a bunch more.

There's no way they're going to ban riding anywhere anyways. They can ban it off a beach, but you can always launch from the water. There's no way the police are going to waste their time trying to ticket you for it, and that's all they could do.

I'd hope they would ban it from a few places, that way I'd have a riding spot all to myself. You think a sign that says "no kitesurfing," would stop all of us? I know it wouldn't stop me, I'll take my chances. I figure if I can get away with it a bunch then get one ticket it'd be worth it.
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