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Default First cold front

After a couple of windless weeks in Panama City Beach, a cold front is on the way and has started pulling wind off the Gulf. Today was ESE 14-18 with four foot waves. Great downwind day here. There is wind for the next four days here with onshore conditions and going offshore on Thursday and Friday.
I hear that Slingshot has a new lightwind kite in the works that will blow everything else away,,,,show me! Most kite companies build the big beast last and put out the smaller kites first ...too bad...there is a huge market for light air kites in NW Florida....someone is paying attention...looks like it is Slingshot that wants our money.
This weekend we will finally drop into the 70's...with daylight saving's time
(what a joke) it gets dark here at five p.m. so ride time is limited unless there is a full moon.
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