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Default Wow!

Thanks guys. Super helpful. Can't wait to put the advice it to practice....... hopefully TOMORROW

Steve- Makes sense about the 138 board being your high wind board... We were blazing that day! Things even got hairy at the end if you remember

Whitey- thanks for reiterating pushing down on the bar. Makes sense come to think of it but was definitely an aspect that I've never a thought about.

And thanks to everyone else for board recomendations. I've definitely heard alot about the Skywalker boards in this area. And apparently I like them too! Although I love being in the waves, I'm really starting to get into the flat water (especially since I'm now to the point where I'm wanting to learn tricks). Actually, I'm starting to prefer it as I think it's helping me progress much faster. Plus it's so much easier on the knees and to stay upwind!!

By the way, concerning Steve's "lightwind challenge"- He let me demo his 15m Freak Dog and though I don't have much to compare it too..... I didn't know it was even possible to ride in such light wind! Or that slow!! Not much faster than walking speed but still tons of fun. Definitely an eye opener :shock:
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