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best has that new spark (or something like that).. think its pretty cheap..
there was a forum post about this by Tom w/ links to buy from a local rider (try to buy local if you can.. keep the funds cycling in our community)

that being said.. i LOVE my skywalker dimitri pro.. its perfect in size 130x40 and has minimal rocker and slight concave.

perfect for the flatwater / chop riding that i prefer..

if you love the waves.. its probably not the style you want to go for..

considering that 80% of the riding i do is at the skyway, backside, lassing or EB.. its a perfect board for me.

most boards that folks are raving about these days have these similar dimensions and characteristics.. the skywalkers have a bit more flex than some like.. but that eats up the chop on those nuking days that the skyway.. (anyone remember those...?????)
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