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Skyway Scott
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No more blue ones. Sold out.
I think the last 130 went for 435.

I heard a guy got one on Ebay for 389!

I think that many of the new boards are getting awesome too, Zen.
More so than a kite, imo, a good board will make a huge difference in your ability to go upwind and get on plane, even as a new rider.
I have always placed more importance on the board than the kite, especially for going upwind or riding in marginal winds. It's a no brainer.
The analogy is putting a 200 Merc on a hull with barnacles on it.
You aint going anywhere, fast. Now put a 125 on a polished cat-hull.... zooom!.

The board makes a difference, for sure.

Buying a truly cheap board and not having a good one is wasting 200 bucks.
You will end up getting rid of it in hopes for a real board that feels nice and performs well.

My recommendation is to put a candle under Tom's ass and get one of his boards for 375 (or whatever he charges, complete). His boards are basically knockoffs of some of the best boards that people let him template. He has one that Colin is riding that is simply awesome. It's too bad Tom has limited time and can't make more than he does.

If you liked that Best Float, wait til you ride Danny's or some other guys boards! The Float is really good btw, but man... some of the 07 boards are like riding butter. It's amazing. And they will let you ride upwind and do other stuff easier than on many 05 boards, imo.
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