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Default Bored advice???

Bored? Ha.. well, I could use advice on that as well. But really, what I'm really needing is "board" advice. I have been riding a LF drop 136. I don't necessarily have any complaints against it but it was miserable learning to stay upwind. I think it might have too much rocker and may be too stiff. I think this probably comes from the fact that LF has predominately been a wakeboard company (though I know that they have seperate divisions for wake and kiting). Though I can now stay upwind on it... alot of the time that means just holding ground (unless I'm really really powered up and even then it's a ton of work).

I recently borrowed a friends Best float and noticed no improvement in upwind ability... granted I was underpowered and only made a few tacks with it. But was surprised because this was after riding my drop and I expected at least some improvement.

Here's the thing... Steve S (kite-4-life) lent me a board a couple of months ago for a session. Granted I was fully powered (and overpowered at times), but I was shooting upwind on it. Actually, I found that I had to intentionally direct myself downwind just to get back to my landing. I believe it was an Underground board but no idea of the model or dimensions (haven't had a chance to talk with him since).

So, even though I haven't tried to many boards, I'm convinced I need an additional board. I'm sold on the idea to tell you the truth. So I'm wondering what advice you guys have for our conditions. I'm really starting to get into the flat water riding but don't want something that can't handle the chop/mush.

I'll also welcome any advice on how to avoid the boredom of this season
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