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Foils have taken a leap in the last 3 years.

The 1999 Concept Air New Wave 9.0, valves were already good, and reverse relaunching even in waves was less than 5 seconds, but the lack of power control was very punishing. Basically a 2 liner with a third line for brake adjusting and reverse launch.
Needed 15mph to stay upwind on a BIG directional board. 20mph on a 183 TT

2003 FS 15.5m Psycho 1 turns as fast as the New Wave 9.0 and keeps a 220lb rider going on a 143 in 10mph, then ranges up past 20mph with all that 4:1 depower on tap when you pull the bar. Very relaxed upwind cruising with minimum edging effort, ideal for old people like me.
Turning speed is the same as the old Naish AR 15.5, but LOTS more power and range. Different flying style to get used to. Not everyone's cup of tea.

Interesting how some LEIs are going flatter with more projected area, and FS foils are getting more curved with less projected area, for example the 2004 FS Voodoo/Spirit 14m power and handling feels is very similar to a 2004 14m LEI. Both designs moving in the same direction?

Seen a Contra 19.5 doing really well in our lite conditions. I'm sure the big 2005 LEIs will be excellent.

I'd really like to check out Panama City, I promise to stay way upwind out of everyone's way.
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