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Skyway Scott 01-18-2007 04:04 PM

"Seabreeze" today
It started at about 2:30 and was pretty good. I went out to check it because I noticed the SW sensor went to zero and when I checked the baynews9 skycam the trees were moving around good.

Anyway, I just checked the SW sensor. It is saying SSW. I think it is off (lol).
Maybe tomorrow will blow at the beach again, is why I am posting. Keep your eyes open for hints of NW (or SSW spikes on the SW sensor). :rolleyes:

It looks like Cypress kicked today as well, did anyone try it out?

Today seemed more like March. The water was warm and all I had on was a shorty and I wasn't even close to cold. I think a pair of shorts would have sufficed. Weird winter.

bayflite 01-18-2007 07:33 PM

definately blew in upper county
where'd you go PAG?

Skyway Scott 01-18-2007 08:02 PM

Undertow. Roberto just said it was blowing 13m weather out at Treasure Island all afternoon, as well. Hopefully tomorrow will be a repeat. :)

I wanted to call and give someone on the forum a heads up to post, but I left my phone at home. Hoping for tomorrow again. Really seemed odd today to be riding in a shorty.
I guess it's spring already (?)

Tony 01-18-2007 08:32 PM

Question on N N W
If it is blowing N N W with a possibility of shifting to Treasure Island a good spot? Looks like it might blow again tomorrow afternoon.

oldschool 01-18-2007 08:48 PM

Sarasota Crew Reporting In
rode with Dr Mike at Siesta Key from 3-5PM

was slightly on shore (so it had to be NW)

was on a 20 but overpowered - Dr. Mike was on his new 13 Best and pullin off jumps - man what an awesome kite!

wind started going off shore (N) and started to get nasty/gusty

both of us ended up flying downwind cuz of the notorious Siesta Key current

still better than nothin


bayflite 01-18-2007 11:26 PM

T.I. is notorious for coaxing kiters to ride on a NW.
Not the best call IMO.
When (notice how i said "when" because it always does)the wind shifts NNW or even worse N things can get ugly quick.
I.R.B. is a great place for that direction and senario.
That's my expierience in the past.
This year...all bets may be's just been freakin wierd.
Damn cowz.

Tony 01-19-2007 05:40 AM

Bayflite -

Thanks - I appreciate it. I am assuming IRB is Indian Rocks Beach?

Wolfie 01-19-2007 08:00 AM

Yes, It is Indian Rocks Beach. I would like to add that Sand Key also works even on a N and it is a great place to ride. But you do have to pay.

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