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kite-4-life 10-16-2006 08:04 PM

Self Regulation at Ft. Desoto

pdfox 10-16-2006 08:31 PM

"Registration with Pinellas County
Signed waiver relieves Pinellas Co./Ft. Desoto of any liability"

This doesn't sound like self regulation to me.

I don't think we want to approach the county with this, it could screw us in the end.

My opinion


JoshTaylor 10-16-2006 08:33 PM

i like thoes ideas...
That would solve our problem.. but i don't think everyone will agree with it.
I think we've mentioned something similar before, and no one liked it.

but i'm definitly 100% for them.

TampaBay Noob 10-16-2006 10:07 PM

Man...I hope a 15m doesn't crash on me during my lesson. lol Damn noobs. ;) On another note...I think a good set of rules, that provided some sort of regulation within the kiting community, would be a good idea. I may be a new guy, but from what I've seen this sport can get VERY dangerous.

shawnwar4586 10-16-2006 11:20 PM

Rule 1 kite leash not an option must be worn at all times.
Consiquence cut lines
Rule 2 Stupidity not tolerated, i.e. Friends teaching friends, teaching to close to shore, newbie launching up wind of experienced riders and going down wind right through them.
Consiquence cut lines
Rule 3 no crashing kite on shawn due to stupidity
Consiquence board off to bitch slap
Perfect ridding at eb Pricless

But now on a more serious note i have seen a lot of bull shit and kooks in hatteras. Think its bad in tampa go to kite point on a weekend aka kook hole. I saw a guy let go of his kite without a leash and it wrapped around another kite and almost drug the into highway 12.

We need some type of rules. I dont think registering with the county is the smartest idea because it will be more a hassel for them than anything. But self regulation and asking for a sign on the west side of the road displaying kiting rules is not a bad idea. If its on the west side of the road it should not affect launching and landing. I think some of the rules should be

1) kite leash at all times no excuse
2) no teaching from shore (its already illegal to teach at eb per the taking money for a service at a county park law)
3) no standing on beach with kite in the air RIDE OR LAND
4) Launch un-hooked
5) launch kite pointed at water
Fill in as necessary

Optionryder420 10-16-2006 11:54 PM

The **** with that shit.

I'm fully capable of meeting all of those requirements, but in no way am I going to even try to if they are implemented.

I stay out of everyone's way, others just need to learn the same. Steve was downwind teaching and I'd walk through the grass out of his way the best that I could. I was underpowered a little later on so I had no choice but to walk upwind through that area a few times.

People need to learn not to sit on the beach with their kite straight overhead. Some guy was waiting for someone to land his kite, I walked about 15' away from him and he flew his kite almost directly into mine, and mine was at about 11oclock over on the water side. The guy was sitting and bitching about someone sitting on a truck not landing his kite even though he patted his head.

Who was it sitting on the truck? My friend, whom doesn't kite at all and doesn't know what the hell patting your head means. I tell the guy after just walking upwind of him "That guy doesn't kite, he doesn't know how to land a kite." What kind of response do I get? "Well he needs to learn!"
Well you need to learn to put your kite low moron, not fly it RIGHT into the path of mine...

Make sure when you launch your kite, you're ready to go. Don't sit there looking like you're ready to launch waiting for a while with your lines up in the way. Once your kite is launched, HEAD OUT! Don't sit on shore blabbing with your friends about your new board or whatever. If you're going to talk, land your kite and wind up the lines. Make kiting a little bit easier for all of us.

I set my kite up, launch and am immediatly out on the water. If I have my kite up in the air and I'm not riding, I'm WELL out of the way of people launching. Hence why I tend to park farther away from other people and am usually by myself or have one person with me to launch for me.

Less jibba jabba, more kiting.

PS: Downwind=kite low
Upwind=kite high.

JoshTaylor 10-17-2006 05:57 AM


Originally Posted by shawnwar4586
4) Launch un-hooked

why launch un-hooked?? I fly bows, and launch hooked in everytime.

only problem i had was people not looking behind them before they turn around and almost running into me.

I didn't see any other incidents, I was to focused on riding.

bryanleighty 10-17-2006 08:32 AM

this has come up before.. i think Scott or others could probably go into more detail..

here's the thing tho..

if the county was involved in anyway and if something did occur wouldnt they then be responsible and liable?

its been said last season over and over again..


its the only way to be sure you'll have access to a launch site.


inferno 10-17-2006 09:04 AM


Originally Posted by JoshTaylor

only problem i had was people not looking behind them before they turn around and almost running into me.

just so everyones aware, it is not your job to look behind when you decide to change directions (its a really good idea though) the person being ovetaken has the right of way, not the overtaker, so if your coming close behind someone you need to anticipate that at some point they are going to change direction and you need to be out of there way,
correct me if im wrong...

bryanleighty 10-17-2006 09:46 AM

i think you are correct danny per the "by the book" right of way rules.. but on a very very crowded kite beach riders ABSOLUTELY MUST assume that someone is behind them and ensure all is clear to turn. what if the rider behind crashed and is unable to give right of way.. at that point HE is to be given right of way due to the fact that he is at a standstill and has very limited ability to clear way.

i try to stay far enough behind someone so that i can veer off if they turn unexpectantly ..

also I look EVERYTIME i turn..

it should be a natural habit, just like changing lanes in a car.. glance back.. coast is clear.. make your turn.. everyone has fun..

turn w/o looking, tangle a line, does not matter at that moment who is too blame cuz you are both f**ked.

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