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Jake 09-30-2007 12:56 PM

Our prayers go out to Chris for a speedy recovery.

As far as Dunedin causeway is concerned: The launch on the north side of the causeway is treacherous to say the least. The power lines are on the north side of the causeway and there is only about 20-40' at most from the edge of the water to the power lines - absolutely no room for error. The shore is mostly rocky as well. On-shore, side-on-shore winds make it that more treacherous.

mobettah 09-30-2007 02:55 PM

Really sad to hear about this accident. My prayers go out to Chris for a speedy and complete recovery.

Kite safe everyone.

popeye 09-30-2007 05:23 PM


Originally Posted by shipwreck (Post 23912)
2nd update for the Dunedin crash. I talked with a guy who was sailing there the other day and the runaway kite hit his cat and supposedly flipped em. The guy had to cut the kite to recover and the kite ended up flying over caledesi and out into the gulf. Dont know if we'll be recovering that one.

Whoops that kite is history. Hope Chris is in better shape than his kite.

bryanleighty 09-30-2007 06:22 PM

does anyone know him or know if we can find out how he is?

fox news was at the skyway and Bob took the helm and answered the questions when they needed an interview.. seemed like they were focusing their questions on the negative side.. Bob held fast and emphasized safety and lessons and knowing where to ride.

The got some footage of us kiting.. should be on Fox 13 tonight..
probably edit it to make us look like evildoers ..

bryanleighty 09-30-2007 06:34 PM

yep.. focus on the negative..

popeye 09-30-2007 07:41 PM

Actually it wasn't too bad... sad to see they mentioned yesterday's accident in the same article... but it was GREAT that they said "experienced kiteboarders AVOID the causeway because of it's proximity to power lines and highways"

Skyway Scott 09-30-2007 08:11 PM

The article was written as a follow up to the accident and that was why they were there in the first place today.
They weren't there just to show kiting as a fun sport.
Unfortunately, the article doesn't clearly connect the dots between a lofting and wind gusts/spike.
It alludes to a connection, but left the association fairly open ended.

"If you're out on the water far enough, it's not very hazardous - you'll land back in the water again. If you're close to shore and fixed objects like cars and power lines, it can be very dangerous," DuPuy warned.

The "it's" sound like kiting in general, not a gust event while kiting.
The reporter just quoted Bob without putting it in sufficient context.
Hopefully I am wrong, but I read it as if I was clueless and that's how it came across to me.

popeye 09-30-2007 08:54 PM

Most people don't know the difference between wind and a strong gust of wind... to them it's all just wind.

jakester 09-30-2007 09:36 PM

I Happened To Be At The Scene Of The Dunedin Causeway Accident And I Hope & Pray For The Speedy Recovery Of The Injured Boy.
My Wife & I Were Watching The Two Kite Boarders Launch. I Am New To The Sport And I Am In The Process Of Taking Lessons. I Was Shocked To See That They Were Launching Their Kites On The North Side Of The Causeway, With A Direct Onshore Wind, Just From The Minimal Safety Information I Have Learned. It Was Scary Enough When One Of The Kites Was Hovering Just 10 Feet Above The Power Lines. I Mentioned To My Wife That It Appeared To Be An Accident In The Making. Just Moments Later, A Northern Rainstorm Was Approaching And There Was More Than Enough Time To Avoid It.
Unfortunately, Chris Was Not Able To Avoid The 30+mph Gusts.
My Wife Dialed 911 And Now She Is Questioning My Involvement In My New Sport...

What I Didn't Quite Understand, Is That It Appeared As Though This Small Group Was Involved In Some Sort Of Lesson. One Guy, Who Appeared To Be The Most Knowlegable Of The Group (maybe Instructor?) Kept Waving The One Kiter Away From The Power Lines. Why They Were At This Spot With These Wind Conditions Is Bewildering To Me...

Skyway Scott 09-30-2007 09:46 PM

It's an unreal story. I feel bad for Chris, but it would seem that anyone who had a lesson should have known better.
I don't think that the majority of us know any of these kiters that were there yesterday. It's doubtful it was a lesson. If it was, that's beyond unacceptable, obviously.

Today three boaters went missing (one at Dunedin Causeway, btw). One of the Marine Patrol Sherrifs told me all they found was his boat in gear, running in circles. They never found the boater. Two others are missing from Lake Tarpon.
Fatal boating accidents are a much more common occurence than kiting accidents requiring hospitalization.
Maybe Ch 13 should run a story tonight entitled : "Boating, a Dangerous Sport"?

Several of us have been kiting for many years without incident.
I would definitely let your wife know that statistically, driving a car is more dangerous than kiting.
After having said that, if you drive with your eyes closed going the wrong way, you will probably get injured.

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