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bryanleighty 08-21-2007 03:13 PM

Time to get organized.. stop the b.s. and get some stuff done.
Maybe this could be a forum thread that is b.s. free and just a slinging back and forth of ideas on how we can do as much as we can to regulate our launch areas before things get out of control and others do it for us.

Fact is that if there is a serious accident involving someone other than a kiter things could get ugly for us. We are becoming a densely populated group and many communities around the state and the nation have already imposed limitations. That is probably inevitable .. but.. if we get our shit together now and forum an organization with the best intentions, it might be the only way we can show that we are doing all we can.

** It will be impossible to stop all accidents or all new riders from doing what the hell they want.. but if we had some sort of agreed on organization it would be a great place to start **

There are a number of issues in our area, but the A # 1 thing that needs to be addressed is identifying new riders.

I have always liked the idea of wearing some sort of color band or tag on our harnesses or leash line to indicate either our level of kiting skills or something like that.

If we had some color of band that just indicated that you were a competent rider based on a certification or something it would be easy for other riders to identify them.

Maybe another color that indicated a certified rider but also one that was of a "mentor" status that anyone could come talk to regarding help or questions. I know that when I started, if there had been someone that could have talked me through some of my earlier sessions after my lessons it could have kept my "learning mistakes" to a minimum. A mentor would not be an instructor, but just someone that could help out those that had post-lessons questions. Someone who would be willing to put down their kite to assist others on the beach for a short while to keep things as safe as possible.

None of us know who the new riders all are, but we know they have questions and just really want to get up and riding as fast as possible. If we has some sort of identifying ourselves as approachable riders for all questions it might be just the thing to get the newbies starting the conversation instead of us trying to identify them through their bad habits and having to start the conversation ourselves.

And then maybe another color that indicated full certified instructor.

I dont recognize 80% of the people on the beach anymore.. I am always willing to help those that need help.. If new riders knew that folks with a certain color band were there to help, it might be enough to get conversations started.

This is just an idea.. but I think if we honed it down and figured out a way to get the message out on what the colors meant it could alleviate some issues.
Maybe a Green band for all riders, a Yellow band for mentors and an Orange band for instructors. Get a snazzy logo on it and figure out a way to get is distributed to all local riders and figure out a way to get local instructors to use it for their students.

More ideas? better ideas?

inferno 08-21-2007 03:30 PM

not really that bad of an idea.... but i dont think you will be able to get all new riders wearing a certain color, some dont want to be known as a newbie... thats just the way it is...

but i would have no problem wearing a wrist band that signified a fairly competent rider that welcomed any questions from newer riders

i was thinking the cotton ones that football/soccer/baseball players wear, but it wouldnt dry well...
maybe we can get mr ebone to sew us up some from some sort of quicker drying elastic material....

amber 08-21-2007 04:36 PM

the rubber bracelets like the lance armstrong ones wear well in the water but do fade.

Skyway Scott 08-21-2007 05:00 PM

Someone please research this idea as it relates to the mangrove bandits "inner circle of communication". I just don't want to unknowingly wear the "wrong" bracelet. :confused:

toby wilson 08-21-2007 05:03 PM

Okay, let's self-regulate then!!! I looked into the cost of getting some wooden signs made up. The cost for some small 4'x4' plywood rules signs is:

$155.09 per 4 x 4 Plywood sign. This puts the total for 4 of these signs (one at front side Skyway, one at Backside Skyway, one at East Beach (pending Rangers approval) and one at North Beach (pending Rangers approval) at $620.37. We would then obviously need to add posts, concrete to pour in the hole to hold the sign in place during storms, etc but we should be able to self regulate with signs for about $650.00. Now we just need to raise the cash to get these produced.

amber 08-21-2007 05:03 PM

Roy has some nice rainbow colored ones. Seriously though, i have a big box of catalogs from a promotions company with TONS of stuff. i'll look thru it tonight and see if anything jumps out at me. I'll get back on the forum tomorrow morning at work (don't have a computer at home right now)

popeye 08-21-2007 05:11 PM

Both pretty good ideas (bands and sign). I agree the beginners will not wanted to be labeled as such, but if the instructor "recommended" they wear the bracelet it might help.

"If you wear this green band the guys will know you are just starting and will help you out if you get into trouble. Anyone wearing a red band will help you if you need it at any time ... that means they are volunteering to help beginners on that day."

That would have made me wear a green one when I started. I remember being terrified I'd get in someone's way, or do something wrong and piss someone off, or hurt myself.

If I'd known who was friendly and willing to help me out it would have been a lot easier than going to big beach to ride alone.

Put me down for a mentor, helper, volunteer or whatever you want to call it, and I will wear it every time I ride ... as long as it doesn't secretly mean I am gay or something.

amber 08-21-2007 05:15 PM

the problem is that it seems not many new people still feel "terrified to get in someone's way" like many of us did. I always feel more secure knowing that somenoe is "keeping an eye on me" just in case.

oldschool 08-21-2007 06:55 PM

how we do it ...
ya' I am old school but here is how I have seen it done and got it done ...

ya' see someone who is irresponsible you just have to have some nads, go up to him (or her) and say you are a danger to yourself and others and get off the beach

I have seen this happen on the back side of the skyway once and at Desoto (and I really respected the kiters that stood up and did it)

we have a couple kooks that kite periodically in SRQ and Venice and we just tell 'em to go home and get lessons

this swill piss some kiters (newbees) off but it is the simplest and most immediate way to GET RID of a problem


bryanleighty 08-21-2007 08:15 PM


problem w/ that is that you dont know who is the newbie or not..
2 seasons ago i knew everyone at every launch i did..

last season I might have recognized 25%.

its a zoo out there.

i think a single color to signify "competent" & single color to signify "mentor" would be fine..

new riders would not have a band .... would never want to put a "newbie" band on anyone and no one would want it that way.

i am thinking something that attaches to the back of the harness or clips to the safety leash.

basic scenario would go something like this:

you are at the beach.. see someone rigging and they dont have a color band / harness clip thingy and you simply go up and talk to them..
they say they are visiting from somewhere and have been riding for 2 years then you say .. cool have fun..
no band needed..

they say they are local and just got lessons and you tell them about the color bands and let them know that once they are up to competent level they should get one so that they are not questioned every time they show up at a beach.

if they are backside you might say "hey .. this is not a place for beginners.. you should go to ***** instead.. "..

if this is a positive thing for all, it will more accepted. if its used as a way to discriminate against new riders, then its absolutely pointless.

we would need to agree on who could distribute the bands.. should not cost anyone a single cent.. just something they can wear to show they know what they are doing so us old folks on the beach dont have to wonder about every single unfamiliar face we see.

we might need to get a handful of locals together at the undertow to talk specifics..

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