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Big G 08-02-2008 08:17 AM

Kites for the BIG guys....
Well, its time to look at getting a new light wind. I'd like to know which kites are leading the light wind spectrum. This past winter my largest kite was a 07' 15M Ion and I found that on a few days, I thought I may have needed a slightly larger kite.

Or, should I consider a new light board? My primary board is a Dimitri Pro (the larger one) which I've been using for a couple of seasons. I borrowed an older Anomoly one of those lighter wind days I mentioned and stayed upwind just after failing on my DP.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

6', 220lbs

Sean B 08-02-2008 08:26 AM

Probably the Speed2 which Craig has been using. Sounds like it works really well, and he's a big guy.

Kiteboarding Tampa Bay 08-02-2008 08:41 AM

I would go with this one, BIG GUY... Looks like it has tons of low end and the "one line" depower system makes relaunch a breeze. It should be great for wave riding also!

inferno 08-02-2008 08:45 AM

thats easy, get a lightwind board... a real light wind board...

go for a crazy fly lightwind pro or the spleene door.... you dont really need a new kite...

the DP is nice, makes a great light wind board for a normal guy, but its not even close to a light wind board for a big guy... you need atleast a 145x45 or larger......

(just ask scott :) )

Big G 08-02-2008 08:47 AM

I'm sure you've just been dying to unload that one. Nice!!! Does the chic come with the kite and do the deed of blowing the kite?

Tony 08-02-2008 08:59 AM

Make sure and try a flight deck as well by Jimmy Lewis. I am 6 ' 3" 200lbs. I was very impressed. However, it may be $$$$. It also depends on how low from a wind speed you want to ride in. Personally, I dont bother if it is below 11 - 12 Knots. However, I am very curious about the foils - they seem to really excel in this range. I have heard Craig likes his.

Kiteboarding Tampa Bay 08-02-2008 09:29 AM

Yeah G, its been kinda boring around here with no wind and all....Scott P. is a big guy and he is riding the 13m EH/Freak Dog EZE.I am hoping to get a demo kite for the locals to try, but I have to do a little repossesing first from a certain someone who forgot (refuses) to pay for her kite or return it.(Orange 12m Vicious) WTF is this person thinking? Free kite Tuesday? Not a chance...;) Back on topic-I have a 17 Contra and a Flight Deck from WSW if you want to demo it.I am crossing my fingers that TI will be rideable today (positive thinking)Come on out if you want, we have burgers and doggies for the grill.

shogun1204 08-02-2008 10:12 AM

Light wind
I heard the Freak Dog kites have great low end, but I know the Royal Era have great low end. I was riding a 12 Royal Era and my Aggression Barndoor when a lot of people are on 17 and 15 meter kites. See if you can demo a 14 meter Era, I know there are a few guys that have them down there. If it was blowing 10 to 12 I was going upwind just fine with my 12. It's crazy how much low end the new kites have these days. I am about 190 pounds.

Kiteboarding Tampa Bay 08-02-2008 10:34 AM

Yep, that Royal had some great low end
Its 12-14 SW on the beaches, anyone wanna give it a shot at Treasure Island? I am heading out there (101st) to do a wind dance and ride the land board.

Skyway Scott 08-02-2008 10:37 AM

That 14 Era has great low end for sure. As do a ton of kites in 08.

Just my opinion, but the board is more important than the kite (still).
I know many feel otherwise, but I don't think the kite can out do the board in light wind (ever). Obviously the best combo is having the best light wind kite and also the best lightwind board... but... which is cheaper? :)
And which is easier to pull out of your truck when it lulls down from 15 knots?

If you go blow a ton of dough on a 19m FS and don't get an equally good light wind board, I think you might be disappointed.
I would try out something like the largest Spleene Door first with just about any 15m to 17m kite, they are sick, in terms of flat out low end.
Or try a surfboard too. To me, that makes even more sense, because it is fun trying to gybe it etc.

I know that I am lighter than you, but I can easily make a 9m waroo work in solid 8 knots on my surfboard. Plenty of people have seen it to confirm.
Once it hits solid 11 knots, this is no lie, I feel fairly juiced. It's pretty ridiculous. Obviously that's all board, only a little kite.

I rode that FS 19m once. Definitely a nice kite.
I have just come to the conclusion that until it hits solid 11 knots, I am only going to be mowing the lawn anyway. There is only so much power available to any kite in 10knots or less, and the key is having a board that cuts drag to as close as zero as possible, at least that's my take.
My biggest kite is a 12m Flexi.
That is a fairly poor light wind kite (pretty heavy, slow to the edge of window) and it doesn't really matter, I am still zooming around on it with a surfboard in sub 10 knots. :) (Just saying, try some boards too, at least)
You have the 15m Ion... not a very good light wind kite, it's just that simple.

Try a 14m Era, the 14 or 16m Eclipse, the 15m Waroo, the 14 or 17m Contra... list goes on. They will all smoke that 15 Ion :)

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