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kent 10-26-2006 04:28 PM

i'm out on 9 unfortunately. i can't get up there that early. the down wind portion won't take longer than 1.5 hrs. at the most and will leave plenty of time for demos. if we start at 12 we will be down by 1:30 and demoing away. i agree tomorrow it will be easier to make the call.


SURFNUT 10-27-2006 10:07 AM

So whats up :?: Name the time and place

Woodson 10-27-2006 10:19 AM

Hey guys
Driving in from ATL and have an SUV, bring my gf and can fit three or so in the car for the ride back with boards up top.

Look forward to meeting you guys, Bongos at 12? Right?

kent 10-27-2006 10:40 AM

let's meet at 11. windguru indicates that starting the dw at 12 would be perfect. the rain should stop by then. i know that Gebi is coming and says he has a board that can't be beat! we can't let some skinny, raw-food-eating vegan take home all the beer (even if he does have several Olympic medals to his name). Come on Tampa, show him some wild redneck speed. Pork power!

see you at 11!

RickI 10-27-2006 11:30 AM

I'll be coming over too. Hope the squalls bleed off early and the solid frontal winds start early. Should be fun.

kent 10-27-2006 02:21 PM comments on the red neck thing? something...anything...

see you at 11! CB2 12 or Contra 14 and a 34.5 cm wide Lab Rat, vintage 2003.


toby wilson 10-27-2006 02:48 PM

Ptooey!!! Y'all city folk think yer gunna come up her ta are beeches an' talk ta us like we're NASCAR fans er sumthin'? Well bring it on, bub!!! Iza got my Oceen Rowdeo Mako 150 an' a 17.5 Macheen that'll whup some outta towner tailgate!!! Ges wer' such hillbillies that we jus' needa bring 12 packs a Busch er Natty Lite!!! :P :lol:

RbGar 10-27-2006 03:08 PM

Wish I could be down there with you guys and rubbin with those sweet southern girls. It's going to be 30-60 knots and cold up here tomorrow :cry:

Mira 10-27-2006 08:04 PM

There is any place for a girl????
I am in. :D

RickI 10-27-2006 08:17 PM


Originally Posted by Mira
There is any place for a girl????
I am in. :D

Absolutely! Gebi is a vegan, Kent isn't so tough and I don't even drink beer anymore (damn), the local guys may hold back on the local moves until the official race so should be a piece of cake and fun! Women can kick butt in kiting, bring it on.

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